A high-Quality Leather Racecar jacket

A racecar jacket is a leather or suede jacket that is designed to look just like the racing jackets worn by professional drivers. They are cut to fit snugly, usually have an attached belt on the waist, and feature zippers on the cuffs and pockets. The back of the jacket will typically be made with mesh material for increased ventilation during races. More modern jackets will often come with high-tech materials like carbon fiber built into them for added protection. Racecar jackets are meant to be passed down from generation to generation as something special to commemorate one’s status as a racing fan; they’re not intended to be used as everyday wear.

Pick out a race car jacket

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You can buy any style of leather jacket that appeals to you. If it’s a first-time purchase, consider buying something with subtle detailing so that it won’t soon be out of style. Also, make sure the fit is snug but comfortable.

The color should not match any specific team or driver; rather, choose a color scheme that matches your own personal racing tastes. For example, if you are partial to blue and white cars, buy a race car jacket in those two colors instead of making an exact replica of David Pearson’s #21 Purolator Mercury.

What kind of race car jacket do Nascar drivers wear

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NASCAR drivers wear fire-retardant suits made by companies like Dixie Outfitters and Sparco. They’re very similar to what you’d find a skier or snowboarder wearing. They also wear flame-resistant balaclavas and gloves, as well as helmets and Nomex underwear. Drivers will usually change into specially designed firesuits after they qualify for the race.

A Cordura suit

Cordura Suits are fire retardant racing suits that offer increased protection and comfort over traditional NASCAR suits. Cordura is both stronger and lighter than normal Nomex material, which makes it more durable during crashes & slides that would cause other drivers to rip holes in their flimsy Nomex suits which can lead to serious burns when exposed to flames or fuel. Cordura Racing Suits are finding their way into the garage of nearly every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Team and other professional racing series.

The best race car driver jacket

Sparco, a well-known maker of F1 racing gear, has become popular for jackets that look just like the ones worn by real NASCAR drivers. You can get one for about $800 or so, which is a bit steep, but if you’re looking for something really special we recommend checking these out: Sparco USA and Racegear. Keep in mind that cheaper knockoffs will also be available at various retailers. But if you don’t already have one, then it might be worth springing for an authentic replica jacket since they are actually used by pro drivers during races. Just make sure you get the right size – some of these jackets come in sizes that would fit an American football player.

Also, there are many companies that offer “officially licensed” jackets that feature some kind of NASCAR or racing motif: Louis Motor Sport and Caravelli. These often look good and conform to popular styles, but they’re not the same as something a race driver actually wears while racing on Sunday afternoons.

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