Add These Amazing Nascar Racing 4 Tracks With Lights – Find How They Can Be Beneficial

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You will indeed find something special about these Nascar racing four tracks. The National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing, LLC(NASCAR) is an American auto-racing permitting and operating company that is best known for stock car racing. Bill France Sr. founded this company in 1948 and, his son has been the CEO of this company since August 6, 2018. The headquarters of this particular famous company is located at Daytona Beach, Florida. Every year, NASCAR permits over 150 races at over 100 tracks in 48 states of the US as well as in Europe, Mexico, and Canada. Night racing is truly distinctive and adds a huge level of excitement regarding heading to the race track. As its attendance is on the decline, there is a need for the tracks to consider the option of adding lights to improve the expectations for attendance, racing. Everyone will surely find something unique about racing under the lights. It adds an element of danger and excitement. Most often, the most exciting races take place at night. The last race of the season starts in the daytime and continues till the night, which is one of the exciting elements of the final weekend in Homestead. 

Know Why Nascar Racing 4 Tracks Need To Be Combined With Lights 

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Talladega Superspeedway

Talladega racing is already wild and intense, so it will become more exciting under the lights. Racing would be loudened similar to what we saw in last year’s Coke Zero 400. This does seem like a no-brainer owing to the excitement that night racing and Talladega bring.

Dover International Speedway

A car driving on a race track

Dover is a one-mile oval that has plenty of capability for adding lights throughout the facility. The cost would not be as high as somewhere of the size of a superspeedway. The track needs to use a new element to spice things up because now you rarely see the best racing of the season at Dover. Weather could be conducive for a night race as the temperature at that time is generally high. The track recently reduced seating capacity because of the declining attendance, so adding lights will not hurt the one-mile oval. 

Watkins Glen International 

No signs of decline have been shown since 2014, and the attendance has been superb and sold out since then. Making races under the lights would certainly challenge the drives and increase the fan excitement. The weather would not be that much factor because the racing is scheduled in the heart of the summer when Central New York temperatures are warm. 

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis needs a spark on the stock car side like that of a Dover. Weather would be perfect for a night race as the Brickyard 400 runs in the summer days, so most of the factors point towards success in this case. A move to add lights is what the doctors suggested to improve the attractiveness and reputation of attending the Brickyard 400.


I hope you have thoroughly gone through this and have realized the need to add lights to these Nascar racing four tracks. It would indeed increase the attractiveness of these places. 

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