All These Hilariously Mad Racing Hacks Are The Work Of The Same Man – Hack 4 Is Pretty Clever

Henry “Smokey” Yunick is one of the most iconic and cunning race mechanics in history. The following racing hacks just goes to show that he’s not afraid of toeing the line and pushing the rules as far as possible, all in the name of getting ahead in the game.

Cold Petrol

Petrol is one of the substances that contract once it gets cold. That’s why you’ll notice that a lot of gas stations advise you to keep a certain temperature level in order to keep it liquid. For the longest time, there were no rules regarding the gas temperature in Nascar. Smokey took advantage of this by pumping the gas into his tank at a nearly freezing temperature. This means that he can fit more gas in his tank as the tank will eventually expand as the engine warms up. This means that he won’t need as many pit stops for refilling.

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