Facts About Bill Elliott You Need To Know

William Clyde Elliott, also know as million-dollar Bill is a stock car driver. He was born in Georgia, and he is also an American. Moreover, he is among the greatest race car drivers in history. There are facts about him that not everyone knows. Are you his fan? Do you want to know everything there is to know about him? Do you want to be the one that knows his/her idol the best? Then this is the right article for you because this is what it is about. Follow us through till the end to find out all these facts!

Elliott, The Number One

At the age of 55, Billy no longer drives in the stock races but will go down as one of the most excellent drivers in the stock race history. Therefore, having completed over 800 races in 37 years, Billy Elliott was named among the 50 most significant drivers in the Nascar.

Facts About Bill Elliott You Need To Know

Elliott In His Early Life

Billy Elliott is the youngest of three boys. He was born on the 8th day in October 1955. Consequently, his father has a lumber company and loved racing. We can say that Bill’s love for racing came from his father. His father Erving “George” Elliott and mother, Mildred Reece are both dead. In 1998 and 1991, respectively.

George’s love for racing led Elliott to create a speed shop and later established a dealership with Ford corporation since there was none in their area at that time. Elliott has three children, like his father. Two daughters – Starr and Brittany and a son – William is also known as “chase.” He is also a race car driver. And his daughter, Brittany, is with the Airforce.

Elliott’s Career Achievements

George owned Elliott’s first race car. Elliot made the world championship race in 1976. He came into the competition in the 34th position. Elliott only did 32 laps that day before he had to leave the race due to oil pump failure. He struggled for approximately five years in the Winston series with no corporate sponsorship.

The Sponsorship

Elliott gained his first corporate sponsorship in 1980 from Harry Melling of Melling Racing. It was worth $500. The sponsorsors later extended his contract as well as that of all his crew. The said sponsorship enabled Elliott and his team to compete in all 12 races in 1981. Elliott finished in the top 5 once and finished in the top 10 seven times. His top achievement that year also includes his first pole finish.

Elliott’s Wins

The 1985 racing season was the best for Billy and his team. He recorded eleven wins and eleven pole finishes in twenty eight races. In that year, he also won the Winston Championship for a million dollars. It was this win that brought him the nickname “Millon Dollar Bill.” The only major championship he didn’t succeed in 1985 was the Coca-Cola 600.

In 1986, which was the next year, Elliott won two races. These two runs were at Michigan. The win at Michigan made Eliott the first driver NASCAR chronicle to win four superspeedway races in one track. He had four pole finishes that year, as well. Billy used his own assembled team for the first time in 1995. The team covered the Winston Cup race between 1995 and 2000. He raced with the number 94 in his car. It was a sign of support  for his cousin, who had cancer at the time.

Notable Facts You Need To Know

Elliot retired from racing in 2013. He set so many records that it will be difficult for another driver to break. Notable facts about Billy Elliott include:

  • He was NASCAR’s most popular driver from 1991 to 2000.
  • He is also part of the Hall of Fame in motorsport.

Facts About Bill Elliott You Need To Know

  • His quickest qualifying time was in 1987, and it was at Tallandaga and Daytona International Speedway.

Among other records, Elliott remains one of the greatest names in the motorsport world.

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