Capture the Clear, Smooth, Crisp Sound in Front of the Microphone and Suppress Unwanted Noise!

Whenever you think about Podcasting, Vlogging, Camcording, or Live Streaming, the first necessary thing is a quality microphone that can capture clear and crisp sound. Even if you are making Youtube videos, Streaming live on any social media platform, or camcording once, audiences can consider low-quality videos but never forgive for low-quality audio. Audio quality is one where the audience gets attracted towards. When it comes to recording vocals, then Cardioid Mic is one of the best solutions; Super-Cardioid Microphone Condenser for Vlogging, Camcording, Podcasting is one of them.

Due to this mic’s shallow mass, this condenser microphone’s diaphragm can follow the sound waves more accurately. This mic usually offers much higher sensitivity (i.e., output) and lower noise than any other mics available in the market. You can attach it to your various devices like mobile devices, camera, or laptop; It is one of the best budget Condenser mic available in the market for doing things like podcasts, camcording, live streaming on any social media platform,i.eYoutube. 

Not only limited to that, but you can also use this mic in studios to pick up sounds with great detail and accuracy. It is accomplished with a very lightweight membrane suspended by a fixed plate when your sound puts pressure against this membrane, i.eThe diaphragm moves, which creates electrical output.

This condenser microphone is also helpful in capturing more delicate sounds and higher frequencies like studio vocals.


•              1/4 universal screw hole & cold shoe

•              No battery

Package includes Microphone

A close up of a camera


  • Lightweight, Compact, and Portable to use in any activity.
  • It significantly absorbs shocks from human movements so that the sound will be clear.
  •  The super-cardioid feature blocks the outside noise but picks up the sound in front of the mic.
  • Helpful in capturing more delicate sound.
  •  It can also be helpful in capturing the sound of higher frequencies.
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•              It is not an omnidirectional mic, due to which it can’t record the ambient sound of the room if needed.

•              It doesn’t come with its stand or setup if you are looking for it.


The Microphone is good in quality, portable, and you can attach it with various devices even with your camera; if you record something and want a quality voice, you can consider it for different purposes like your podcast, live streaming, and vlogging. If you are a studio guy, it is also best to record vocals because it can capture the lower frequency sound very accurately. 

It also isolates unwanted ambient sound, i.e., noise coming from omnidirectional, and only captures your voice as a primary sound source. Besides connectivity and sound, portability is the key to this microphone; it can easily fit in your handbag, and you can easily port it. So, order it today as it will be a great deal in the budget and value for money. Microphone is great for recording vocals, doing a podcast, live stream, and vlogs.

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