Car Racing, What To Know About It

Do you hear the hard pressing of brakes, the screeching of tires and the sound of engines when you see the words, ‘Car Racing’? As many people already know, and as you might already know, car racing is a motorsport, one in which automobiles contest in race competitions. It is also referred to as auto racing, motor racing or automobile racing. This is among what this article will discuss about along with its types and more. Read on to acquire more knowledge about racing with cars.

Generally, these terms mean the same thing. Car racing motorsport has been in existence since the very intentions of cars, automobiles, and vehicles. Furthermore, since the design and invention of automobiles, races of various kinds have been organized. Very likely you have not been born when the first car race was run in 1862, right?

Car Racing, What To Know About It

Many of the first generation car races organized were actually done for test trials to check if these cars were effective and reliable. They wanted to ensure that these new inventions were practical and safe for people to actually use. But it quickly became a prominent way to showcase cars, especially for car engineers. Guess what? By the 1930s, specialist cars for racing had been designed.

Have you come across the abbreviation FIA? It stands for Federation International de l’Automobile; the International Automobile Federation. Furthermore, It is the highest car racing governing body.

But there is more to just the term ‘car racing’. It encompasses various categories. Each category with varying rules and regulations, here are the common types:

Open Wheel Racing

Open-wheel road racing is made up of two popular forms, these are formula one and IndyCar series. The formula one series is in Europe and therefore, only makes use of race tracks and street circuits.

Touring Racing

This is a type of racing that involves production race cars. So because of large grids and little speed differentials, contact racing is usually publicized.

Sports Car Racing

This involves sports cars competing within their respective classes on a closed circuit. The version of sports cars is usually production derived and purpose-built.

One Make Racing

The cars used in one-make racing are production-based cars that are, hence from a single manufacturer of automobiles or even a single model of an automobile from a manufacturer’s range, just as its name implies; ‘one-make’.

Time Attack Series And What To Know About It

Here, races are competed based on lap time. Although it originated from Japan, it is now a motorsport done around the globe. Furthermore, many countries now participate in it as it has spread to all over the world.

Car Racing, What To Know About It

Rallying- What It Means

The competition with cars in rallying is done on closed open roads or off-road areas on a point-to-point style. Race car drivers rally race against each other so as to set points, and thereby, going in line from the start point.

Now you know the different categories of car racing and what makes them unique if you were to ever indulge in it, which one would you opt for?

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