Car Racing And Its Start

The different types of entertainment in the world now spans various sports and car racing isn’t missing from the list. This together with car racing history and more will be what this article talks about. Follow on to the end to know all these!

Racing with cars has been a form of sport and entertainment for decades now, and it is not about to stop. Car racing is a pulsating game of adrenaline for both drivers and spectators of the event, and that is mostly due to how fast the cars are.

Car Racing And Its Start

How It Started

Racing with cars didn’t begin until the construction of the first gasoline fuelled internal combustion engine during the mid to late 80s. The first racing event to take place involving cars were to test for the reliability of the newly built vehicles. This racing event was held in the year 1894 from the city of Paris to Rouen, France. The race totaled a distance of about 80km, and the declared winner averaged a speed of 16.4km/hour.

Come the year 1895, the first true and primary car race took place. The racers clocked a distance of about 1,178km with an average speed of 24.25kph. The first organized car racing events took place in the United States of America, and it was an 87km race that spanned from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois. The race was on thanksgiving day in 1895.

These early races were first sponsored by newspapers to help increase awareness. Back in Europe, races were held town-to-town especially in France. Racing also became a regular thing in other countries in Europe. However, races were stopped by authorities in the year 1903 due to the high accident rate. Car races from Madrid to Paris were majorly affected.

International Car Racing

James Gordon Bennet introduced modern-day international racing. Being the owner of the New York Herald, he presented a trophy that is competed for on an annual basis and it was directed at national automobile clubs.
Races held with three cars all built-in various respective countries.
The first Bennet Trophy races started in the year 1901 through 1903 by Automobile Club de France.

At the later stages, the racing event took place at the circuit of Ireland in 1903. Also, it took place at the Taunus Rundstrecke in Germany in 1904. Lastly, the race was held in Circuit d’Auvergne 1905.

The French manufacturer soon had problems with racing with just three cars, and they pulled out of the Bennet Trophy Race in 1906. Hence, they launched the French Grand Prix at Le Mans in the same year.

Car Racing And Its Start

Fun Facts About Car Racing

Car racing is fun, and it is not about to change with the use of superb technological components. These components are researched with millions of dollars yearly.
An average running car major component is priced at $7million, and this calculation is not with the other 80 000 more parts that make up the car.

Secondly, you see race car drivers lose weight after a race. Well, they are not the only one losing weight. A racecar tire loses about 0.5kg of after every race as they have to run for about 100, 000km per race. If you want to find out more about car racing, you can go visit this great article.

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