Driving The Racing Line Of Nascar Tracks

racing line of nascar tracks

The racing line refers to that line, which helps the racer to win if it is followed. It is, however, very difficult to find the perfect racing line when it comes to professional car racing. Driving the racing line of NASCAR tracks is not easy. It is thus essential to skill this art. You need to understand the tracks before you begin racing on them. The racing line is dependent on the breaking point, the apex, the turning point and the position, and the direction of the next corner. How you apply the brake is an essential thing. Finding the turn-in point and apex is a very vital thing to consider.

If you want to cover the entire distance in the shortest possible time, then you need to understand and regulate the speed limits of your car and also learn a lot of car control techniques. There are various other means also such as learning about the tracks and other tactics that can help you win the race.

Tips To Excel The Racing Line Of NASCAR Tracks

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While practicing the racing line of NASCAR tracks, it is important to note a few points so that you excel in racing. Some tips that you can follow are given below:

Try to use the full width of the road. Don’t just stick to one point.

While practicing on the track, try to remember the course and the entire path. Check your weak points and where you are lagging. Try to figure out the turning point, apex, and exit point for every turn.

Give acceleration only when it is needed. Don’t play with the pedal unnecessarily. Use it only when required.

Find your race line and stick to it. It will lead you to the end.

Never run to take the shortest route. It might not always help you. Sometimes taking a wide turn will help you reach the finish line quickly.

Keep in mind that there will be curbs, blockades, and a lot of other obstructions.

The weather plays a huge role while racing. If the weather is rainy, then there are chances that water might accumulate in the corners of the turn. Tracks might also become slippery, so keep that in mind.


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If you are looking forward to driving excellently on the racing line of NASCAR tracks, then all these tips will come in very handy. You need to be focused and attentive to ace this field. Keep practicing, and don’t give up. You will definitely emerge as the winner. Just know about your car and the tracks. Keep in mind all the shortcuts and techniques that you have learned over time. If you include all these things during your practice routine, then no one can stop you from winning these tracks.

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