Everything That You Need On NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Tv Schedule

nascar sprint cup series tv schedul

NASCAR Cup Series is one of the notable automobile race series which has become the center of attention within some years. The origin of the series dates back to the year 1949 when it was called Strictly Stock Division. Then in the year 1971, the series started off by leasing out its name rights. R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company took the opportunity, therefore changed the name to NASCAR Winston Cup Series. Then again in 2008, the platform changed its name to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

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Well, this competition is a championship which is scaled as per the point system. Here points are allotted according to the finishing status along with the number of laps taken. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series gets divided into 2 divisions. After hosting the first 26 races, there comes the time to select the next round of 16 drivers.

Based on their performance in the last 26 races, they will be qualified to drive in the next 10 races. This judgment is completely based on their wins in the competition. In these last races, the differences in points get significantly minimized which is by the way termed NASCAR Playoffs.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Tv Schedule

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Here is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Tv Schedule for you to plan your errands-

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This championship has a strong root in the South Eastern United States, where almost all of the total 36 races get hosted in that particular region. The last year showed track routes covering the entire US. In addition, the regular-season races previously took place in Canada. While the exhibition races took place In Japan along with Australia.

Well, did you know that the Daytona 500 which is the most prestigious race captured the television view of around 9.17million United States viewers back in 2019? Lastly, I hope this timetable will help you plan your entertainment time well.

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