Finding Out the Details of NASCAR Racing Schedule

nascar racing schedule 2018

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR, has a grand racing schedule to give you. For your information, the Nascar racing schedule consists of five races in February and six in March. These are the most awaited events in the racing season. For example, the event of the “Dover grand opening” is the first race in this month. It will also be the season debut of the new Toyota Tundra.

The Indy Race

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As mentioned above, the racing season begins in January with the Indy race. Two more events are held in February, one in the Bahamas and another in Mexico. After that, it continues with the Toyota Grand Prix in April, followed by the Pepsi Round Up in May. In June, it’s the Rolex Grand Prix of America and in July, NASCAR schedule the Nationwide race in Austin.

There are also other events that make up the NASCAR racing schedule. They include the Truck Series, the PlayStation Daytona Weekend Series, the Coca-Cola Live Classic and the Camping World Truck Series. All these series have their own races and all of them are worth watching. This makes the racing schedule complete.

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The racing schedule also includes the short track events for those who don’t have the luxury of watching on television. There are two short tracks in the United States, which are located in Daytona Beach, Florida and Pocono, Indiana. The Long Beach Grand Prix is held annually in February while the Pocono classic is held every year in April. Both of these races have millions of spectators every year. This makes the races even more exciting. For example, in the last round of the Verizon Indy race, the first and the second places were decided within a matter of seconds.

The high speed races in the US include the Rolex Sportsmanship Grand Prix of Saint Petersburg. This competition attracts more than a million spectators every year and also features some of the worlds best drivers. The Talladega Supersport presented by Carlisle would be another highlight in this category. This race takes place in the oval course of the track.

The racing events on television include the Nationwide Series and the Busch Series. Both of these feature the four famous stock car manufacturers. NASCAR is also responsible for promoting their respective brands through this medium. The Monster Energy Cup Series, on the other hand, pits the four Monster Energy Cup teams against each other.

With so much going on, it is impossible for any single entity to keep track of all the racing. That is why there are separate entities for different categories of racing. For example, NASCAR is involved in the construction of the tracks, they also take care of the racing itself. They also help promote various racing sports and they also host a number of popular and important races. The tracks themselves get the name from this association.


If you want to get as much detail as possible, you can either choose to subscribe to a racing schedule magazine and/or subscribe to the official NASCAR website. You can either choose to receive the racing schedule by email or by regular snail mail. Whatever choice you make, you will surely find what you are looking for. These resources will never fail to update you with the latest information and they are sure to become your favorite sources of the sport and the latest NASCAR racing schedule.

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