Four Abandoned NASCAR Race Cars

abandoned nascar race cars

NASCAR is more than just a name for some people because it is an emotion. However, it is ironic that some of the most loved NASCAR cars are lying somewhere in a bad state as abandoned NASCAR race cars. Thousands of dollars are spent on race cars to make them efficient for racing. The high-performance machinery costs quite a huge amount. After their machinery isn’t any more capable of giving high performance, or they meet with an accident, NASCAR race cars are discarded for life. So most of the cars have a very short life. After their better days, they are sent to Dale Warnhardt Jr NASCAR graveyard, where they either remain as abandoned NASCAR race cars covered in the dust and leaves or are scrapped and chopped for raw materials.

What Happens To The Abandoned NASCAR Race Cars

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Once the car is no longer compatible to perform on the track, it is abandoned for a lifetime. Abandoned NASCAR race cars go to Dale Warnhardt Jr NASCAR graveyard. If you visit this place, you will find a number of abandoned NASCAR race cars lying out there. All of these cars were once cheered for. There were stadiums full of people showering their love on the now-abandoned NASCAR race cars. Once, they have come to the junkyard abandoned NASCAR race cars that meet either of the two fates mentioned below. They are either scrapped and chopped so that they can be used as raw material, making sure that nothing goes out as waste, or they lie unattended under the dirt and leave just as abandoned NASCAR race cars.

4 Abandoned NASCAR race cars

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Let us take you to four abandoned NASCAR race cars.

1 1967 Holman-Moody No. 28 Ford Fairlane

Built-in 1967, this car was specifically built for Fred Lorenzen at Darlington. However, before he could drive it and show his skills, he suddenly decided to retire from racing. Therefore this abandoned NASCAR race cars is lying there as such and didn’t get the chance to run on the track even once.

2 Brad Keselowski’s James -Finch Wrecks

Along with more than fifty other cars, one of the Brad James’ Finch wrecks that lead to win the Sprint Cup at Talladega now lies in the graveyard of abandoned NASCAR race cars.

3 Dodge Charger Daytona Banned By NASCAR

This car won so many competitions. Also, it was the first car to reach 200mph in a NASCAR car race event. It now lies abandoned after being banned.

4 Michael McDowell’s Texas Crash Car

This car turned ford around twelve times before coming to rest. However, thankfully the driver was safe. After that, it has been lying in the graveyard among other abandoned NASCAR race cars.

Ironical Fate

Isn’t it ironic that once everyone used to love these cars and after they have aged or are of no use, nobody asks for them, and they lie in the junkyard unattended as abandoned NASCAR race cars? The list above shows just four out of so many abandoned NASCAR race cars in the graveyard. The ones who weren’t scrapped and chopped lie there in their worst condition holding their glorious past.

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