Get That British Banger Racing Feel With Cars Used In NASCAR

cars used in nascar racing

Not only that, it also requires tremendous courage and stamina. This is why when there’s a pit stop, everybody get out of their ways to take photos of it. There are a lot of things that people will be capturing and documenting during those days. And so those cars that are being used in NASCAR racing events are taken advantage of by a lot of people who post them online for others to view and enjoy. In fact, there are even websites which upload the videos and photos of these cars for everyone to enjoy whenever they want.

Videos Of Accidents

A car parked on the side of a snow covered road

Well, not all of the cars captured in those sites are of the real NASCAR races. There are videos of various accidents which happened in the pits during the races for those who would like to see just how real those crashes are. Some people also record themselves yelling at the television crew of NASCAR for some reason. But the most interesting NASCAR websites are the ones where the commentary team give out the details of the race and what happened. They give out the names of the drivers, the pit stops, and all the other minute details that you’d ever want to know about NASCAR. It’s almost like giving a live broadcast of the races.

Well, for the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on the very first race of this year’s NASCAR season: the Daytona 500. There are already so many interesting things that we can look at through the details of the NASCAR racing games that we’ve reviewed. The first game in the series, the pit stop is an important part of the race itself, since it allows all the cars to slow down before the race starts. It’s the first part of the whole event, where everybody gets together, in order to do some stretching and warm-up.

Know More About The Destruction Level

A close up of a car

In the first game of the series, NASCAR destruction of cars takes place in the pit. The players race against each other, trying to destroy other cars as quickly as possible. In destruction 2, there are three types of damage that can be done. The first is the “crash” where the car simply flies through the track. The second type is “collision” which means that the cars actually touch during the race.

But, that’s not all. For this game, there’s also a special mode that I call the British Banger Racing Feel. This mode only has two types of cars in it, the pit crew and the crew chief. Both of these crews will wear red, and they’ll have special roles in the race. There are four tracks to choose from, and the players race from one of them.

Jumps In Certain Area

In the first game, the players race on streets that look like tracks, and there are some jumps in certain areas. However, in the second game, the players race on an oval track, with two-sided ramps on the outside corners. The pit crew in this game also has new roles, being able to reset the cars for a pit stop.

Bottom Line

For those who want to enjoy the game even more, there’s another cheat available called the ‘NASCAR racing edit.’ With this cheat, you can choose specific folders within the files of the game and thus change the paths of some tracks, or remove portions of the tracks from the game. When you do so, you will have the exact racing feel that you want in your own personal racing attempts.

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