History Of Track Auto parts

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Track Auto Corporation is an American Company that is specialized in manufacturing and selling automotive parts and other related accessories that is nestled in Landover, Maryland. Robert Haft is the founder of this tRack auto Corporation which was established in 1979. The organization has grown immensely with more than 330 stores by 1993 which are based on the concept of Trak Auto, Super Trak, and Super Trak Warehouse. But as the competition grew faster and with improved technologies, the company’s growth came down. The major reason was a declining market, tough competition, and management related problems. With all these issues collapsing the growth and development of the organization, the rest of the stores were acquired by and converted to Advance Auto Parts by 2002.

About the Organization

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Herbert Haft’s Dart Drug is the starting point for the Track Auto Corporation. Dart Drug company was aimed at selling drugs, health and beauty aids and all other products relating to drug merchandise. The company decided to sell additional merchandise beyond the usual stuff. Searching for new ideas, Rober haft found that the market for auto supplies was huge and the sales were also higher in their drug stores and decided to choose those props. He started researching automotive supplies and found that 80 percent of auto supplies were sold only by independent, mom-and-pop operations, and the number of the national retailer was less. After thorough research of the companies like Sears and Pep Boys who were on the market for automotive supplies, Trak Auto was launched in 1979 by Robert Haft.

Growth of the Track Auto

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With unique and successful strategies, the Track Auto organization was growing too great heights and within years they came up with their Sister Concern, Crown Books which offered heavy discounts on high-volume products from mostly suburban standalone locations. It is in 1982, they joined hands with Los Angeles Thrifty Corporation to launch their Tract Auto stores in the Southern part of California. But this was not their time and the organization met a heavy loss. They strived hard to get them to succeed by providing different offers to increase revenue. So they advertised that the stores would stay open longer than most auto parts stores, with a few stores open 24 hours.

By 1993, Track auto had almost 333 stores through the areas of Washington, D.C, Richmond, Chicago, and Los Angeles. This time the company decided to bring a small change in their strategy where the team decided to close all their low income and wealth performing stores and in those locations they opened large-format Super Trak and warehouse store Super Trak Warehouse stores with the first Super Trak opened in 1992.  In 1995, the National Auto Stores were established in the Pittsburgh area.

Management Issues

In the early period of the 1990s, the management of the organization was not strong enough to run the company as there were many issues with the Dart Group, because of the disagreements between Herbert and Robert Haft, and this was the time Herbert divorced his wife Gloria. As the family got split into pieces by 1994 the income of the company declined by 98% over the year before.


In 1995 the dispute between the family was settled by the court and Richard Stone was appointed as the CEO of Dart Group 1997. By the time the settlement had reached, the company had drowned in low land. In October 1997, Trak Auto decided to return from the Southern California market. The next year, the Dart Group itself was taken over by supermarket operator Richfood. The stores in the Midwestern locations were closed, and the rest of the 55 stores in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and eastern Maryland were taken over by Advance Auto Parts in 2002.

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