How To Become A Pro Racer  

Have you ever said this to yourself or somebody else racing is your passion? “I would love to become a pro racer someday. Racing is just my dream. I would love to race for the big teams.” Have you had this thought going on in your mind or do you have them going on right now? Then count yourself lucky. Cause I am here to give you a ride into your dream! What are we waiting for? Let get right into it…! Have you heard of The Xfinity series?

National Association Of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) Xfinity Series

NASCAR Xfinity Series is one of the three series under the NASCAR racing. It is the training for a new racer like you to get trained before hitting the big league. At NASCAR Xfinity series, events are held on a weekly basis and finally a cup series where your skills will be proved. Moreover, you can become the pro racer you have always wanted to be.

Jimmie Johnson

How To Become A Pro Racer

But, just wait for a moment. Before hitting the big leagues like Nascar, you have to ask yourself a very important question. What is my driving like, do I have what it takes? Doesn’t that sound like a positive step to achieving your dreams? And there’s more…

At NASCAR Xfinity, you gain access to NASCAR’s race cars. So now let’s get right back into how you can hit the START  button. How do I get started?

No driving team will want to offer a premature key to their sports car. That’s suicide! So the first thing you should do are the following:


Karting? Yes start with where you are. Before getting set for the big leagues, start with the small leagues. Ride the kart. Go to kart stations and start practicing. If you are below the required age, go to the youth section.

Buy Pits

Yes! When you get into the racing station. Buy pits pass to meet with other racers. Talk to them. Be attentive. Ask questions. I know it’s not going to be easy but nothing good comes easy, so get ready to spend some few bucks and your time.

Go To A Professional Driving School

This applies only if you are aiming to get into any of the NASCAR’s series.

Study A Pro Racer And His Techniques

Watch motor racing online, television or better still watch live events. Attend racing games more and develop an even deeper interest.

Learn About Cars

Get some basic knowledge of cars and their models. Research about cars and car racing so that you will know more and be the best racer.

Start Racing

Start because there is a phrase used by exercise coaches worldwide that could also be used in racing. ‘Work Will Win When Wishing Won’t.‘ This phrase is called ‘The 6 W’s’. You can only achieve if you take the first step.

Race Real Cars Like A Pro Racer

I am not asking you to go buy a sports car. Just get into a local league around you and start practicing to increase your skills since practice makes perfect.

Go For An Internship To Become A Pro Racer

How To Become A Pro Racer

NASCAR offers amazing internship programs for kids to adults. You can get into any of them and start working. The good thing about this is it will give you more time with cars and racers too!

With these few tips and your determination. You will soon be the next Kyle Busch! And you are on your way to being a Pro Racer!

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