ISM Raceway: The Motorsport Track

Many people can relate to the amazement a person feels as he watches sports cars zoom with mouth-opening celebrity. Furthermore, the excitement a person feels while watching such an event is great. However, the excitement that comes from being at the event is greater. Hence, this article will explain everything ISM Raceway. Have you ever been there? Moreover, do you want more information? Well, we are about to get right into it.

There are many race tracks/ways which serve as hosts to many motorsport events. ISM Raceway is one of them and it was established in 1964. It is a one-mile motorsport track situated in Avondale, Arizona.

ISM Raceway: The Motorsport Track

From Phoenix To ISM

The motorsport track was originally known as Phoenix International Raceway at its inception.

As a result of the tribute being paid to Gordon, ISM was renamed Jeff Gordon Raceway. Gordon was having his final season in NASCAR as a race car driver, and that was the reason. Then the name of the raceway went back to being Phoenix International Raceway in 2016 till 2017. 

Thus, the name ‘ISM Raceway’ came about with the partnership formed by Phoenix International Raceway and  Ingenuity Sun Media. This happened in 2018.

ISM, Its Rise To Fame

Many reasons brought forth the establishment of ISM Raceway. One such reason is it serves as home to Western sports racing.

Sports cars and the United States Auto Club, began racing at the track in 1964. Likewise, major events additionally started going down on the track creating the track to rise to fame. Furthermore, it also quickly became a prime alternative of drivers replacement the recent track at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.

The Construction

The tri-oval shape of the ISM raceway forms a triangular layout. Additionally, it allows fans in the grandstands to have an angular outlook of the cars coming towards and moving away. Therefore, this prevents spectators from having to leap forward to see cars coming and creating more forward sightlines.

The road course originally constructed for the now ISM  raceway was a 2.5 miles road course. This course ran on both the inside and the outside of the main tri-oval race track. However, in 1991, track reform was done to make a road course of 1.51 miles interior layout.

Ticket for car race

ISM Raceway: The Motorsport Track

ISM Raceway has a length of 1.022 miles and four turns. Moreover, it currently has a seating capacity of forty-two thousand. It has served as host to many sport racing events. Events such as Championship Auto Racing Teams, United States Auto Club, Indy Car series,  Weather Tech Sportscar championship, to mention but a few. Each year, NASCAR races are held there but for only two weekends. Finally, All over the world, many people participate in sports and sporting events. It is either by watching or by actively being a partaker.


To some, it has become a hobby, to others, a way of life. Likewise, many people anticipate the upcoming sporting events. Among these events is the NASCAR championship weekend which the ISM raceway is been to host in 2020.

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