Keep Yourself Safe When Driving Using This Harness Seat Belt! Protect Yourself At All Times!

Nowadays, when everybody uses their vehicles for transportation, cars have become a necessity. But to ensure your safety, seatbelts are a must. Seat belts can save you from harmful movements when there is a sudden stop or collision. Research has shown that Seat belts have reduced the death and serious injuries in crash accidents by half. Seat belts are the most effective way to reduce the chances of spinal cord and head injuries. They are the cheapest and easiest method to secure yourself from getting seriously injured. Racing Harness Seat Belts is much safer than other normal seat belts as it restricts movement, which saves you from ejection and other fatal activity during a crash.

Racing Harness Seat Belt Car Safety Quick Release Seat Belt Nylon Type

Racing Harness Seat Belt Car Safety Quick Release Seat Belt Nylon Type is a fully secure product. They are made to keep the driver tightly in place even when higher forces are exerted, like sudden acceleration, braking, or turning. It provides temporary safety to you. These belts are usually used for racing cars as they are comparably more prone to accidents than passenger cars.  We can use the racing Harness Seat Belt for most of the cars and suitable for various sizes.  They are easy to unlock, which can help the driver come out of the Car quicker in an accident. Get your Racing Harness Seat Belt Car Safety Quick Release Seat Belt Nylon Type in no time.


  • Item Length: 150cm
  • Material Type: nylon
  • Item Type: Seat Belts & Padding
  • Special Features: 3 or 4 point fixing / mounting design
  • Item Weight: 800g
  • Item Width: 4.8cm
  • Model Name: Seat belt


  • Racing Harness seat belt is made up of thick material, which makes it secure as it does not allow unnecessary movement.
  • It can fit in most cars and can be used according to the driver’s needs and wants.
  • It is easy and fast to open, making it easier for the driver to move out of the car in case of fire or crash. 
  • It is suitable for various sizes as it is designed with long straps and people of different sizes can use it easily.
  • It is the cheapest and easiest way to save yourselves from accidents in case of abrupt stop or sudden turn.
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  • Sometimes it becomes restrictive, which doesn’t allow you to move easily.
  • It can make you feel trapped and uncomfortable.
  • Wearing a Racing harness seat belt for a long time can make it painful as it binds your body tightly.
  • Your head can hit the ground in case of a rollover.


Racing Harness Seat Belt Car Safety Quick Release Seat Belt Nylon Type makes your Car not only secure but lessens the chances of head and spinal cord injuries. It is suitable for various sizes and can be used for most cars. It is easy to open. It adds to the safety of your car without much effort.

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