NASCAR Race Schedules – Are You Going To Watch Them On TV This Year

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It is important to know the NASCAR schedule before each race. It is very easy to get all of this information online, but you never really know what you are getting until you look at the schedule and it is there. I am sure that you have seen it listed on the websites for the tracks, but how do you find it if you do not go to the track often? You can find out by perusing a few of the main NASCAR websites and looking at their race schedules. If you live in the area, you can even go to your local newspaper and see what they are saying about the races coming up.

First Race Of The Year Is The McDonald Chevrolet Broadcasted

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NASCAR racing events happen all over the United States, as well as Canada. They say that “American racing” is included in this, which is true because the Cup races take place on American soil. They call the races NASCAR, but the actual term is “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.” You will find the official name of the series on the International Association of Professional Stock Car Auto Racing website. So, when you get ready to take the schedule out of the box, remember that it includes all of these events, but also international events.

There is a new deal going on for the races, and you need to take a look at that before you make any decisions. First, let’s look at the final schedule for the 2021 season:

The first race of the year is the McDonald’s Chevrolet broadcasted from the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina. There will also be a FS1 double-bill of the same event in the evening in Martinsville, Virginia. Next up is the Toyota ARCA race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. That one is an “official” sanctioned by NASCAR, though there are complaints that there will not be a clear distinction between the types of trucks that are running. Also, a few weeks later there will be another exhibition series at Canadian Tire’s Grand Prix in Vancouver, British Columbia. The final meeting for the season is scheduled for June in Las Vegas.

Coke Zero Mile Series Presented By Budweiser

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At Homestead Mazda Raceway, just outside Miami, there will be another exhibition with races in the Xfinity Series on both coasts. On the west coast, there is the Coke Zero Mile Series presented by Budweiser, and on the east coast there is the Pepsi Ultra Mile Series. sponsor logos will appear on all of the cars, and there is a Coke Zero Mile Cup Championship presented by Carl Edwards. All of the Cup races, save one, have the backing of NASCAR; the television spots will air exclusively on ABC.

Two weeks later there will be another edition of the Budweiser Cup presented by Budweiser at Homestead-M Mazda. There will also be a clash of series schedules, as Carl Edwards will begin his NASCAR career in the No. 23 Wrangler for Kyle Busch. In addition, ABC has scheduled a premiere of the film “Safe” for local viewers. NASCAR races at the speedway have traditionally been shown in the evening, so that means that the Budweiser audience will only be able to watch during the regular television slot. A special replay of the race from the previous night is planned for later in the month.

The Coca-Cola Auto Show

Then, on the third weekend in May, the Coca-Cola Auto Show will feature the debut of NASCAR’s new radio station, Sirius/XM. It will start out with the XM Advantages Fan Zone presented by NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, and it will feature highlights of all the action from this season’s races. It will also air live from the oval during the Hendrick Motorsports race at Martinsville. There is also going to be a special edition of “The Races,” which is like an extended version of “The Insider” that features pit stops, commentaries from drivers, highlights, and more.

It appears that there will be plenty of content on the internet relating to this topic, so it may be wise for you to check it out. I myself am very interested in seeing how things shake out for the broadcast of this year’s events. I am also very curious about the scheduling, because it means that the traditional Saturday night race at the Homestead-Miami speedway could be moved to a different time or cancelled altogether. 

Bottom Line

Now that it has been revealed that Budweiser will be televising most of this season’s races, does that mean that those of us not watching NASCAR on TV at home will miss out? Only time will tell!

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