NASCAR Racing Schedule Factors – What Determines Where They Go

nascar racing programming schedule

The NASCAR racing schedule was once a very simple thing to do. You found the cars that you wanted to bet on and you put your wager to the bottom of the list. The idea being that you’d see who was the betting favorite and then place your wager accordingly. With all of the changes in technology however, that is no longer the way it works.

Things To Consider For Picking A Winner

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Now you have to carefully study a NASCAR racing schedule to pick out what car and driver will be the betting favorite. There are several things that go into picking a winner. First, you need to analyze the racing format and who is running the show. Next you need to know which tracks are played at which dates and which times.

In addition, you also have to see who may be running late races or may be speeding or doing other crazy things. The NASCAR racing schedule should be well documented so you can see what happened at each track. Then you can make decisions about placing your bets.

What happens when you watch a NASCAR racing schedule?

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First you need to see who is driving the #1 car. This driver is usually one of the favorites to win and is usually one that is on the lead card for most of the season. The reason for this is due to how dominant certain drivers may be throughout the season.

Then you look at the rest of the field. Who is running second or third? Who is leading in the points lead? Who has the best driver? All of these factors come together to form a NASCAR racing equation.

On top of that, you’ll want to check at the end of every race to see who is leading in the championship. Sometimes, that driver may not even be in the top two slots on their own season schedule. So you need to take that into account as well. You don’t want to bet someone with better credentials if they’re not in the race for the championship.

With all of that said, there are tons of things to take into consideration. For instance, how many races have been played in the month before a race and who was running in them? You need to do your research and find out. If there is no information provided that would help you with this, then you need to take your chances at looking up that info yourself.

Compare Notes With Other Bettors

It’s always a good idea to compare notes with other bettors when you are trying to decide what you will or won’t bet on. That way you can find out who is doing what and why. If you are trying to decide between two drivers, that’s a good time to compare notes. Even if you won’t change your initial selection, you may still be able to come up with an alternate choice that will make you money. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of what the NASCAR racing schedule has to offer you, even if you already know which horses to bet on.


Finally, it’s important to know that there is a big difference in how the cars are handled between the classes. The Cup cars are generally considered to be easier to control due to their simpler construction. On the other hand, the Nationwide Series cars use aluminum body packages which enable them to be more aerodynamic. As such, qualifying will be more difficult for drivers in these cars. In either case, you should take a driver’s performance into account when setting up your schedule.

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