NASCAR Schedule Details

A NASCAR Schedule is important because it informs us about when the race will take place. Are you trying to find out when the next race will take place? How it will be arranged and how it is scheduled? Then read on and see for yourself what you are looking for.

There are people who might think that the NASCAR schedule never ends especially since the NASCAR race is always up on TV every weekend. Also, you will see the various shows about NASCAR racing on ESPN every weekday. With all of the air views and waves, you will imagine NASCAR is always running and they never stop.

Nascar Car Schedule

NASCAR Schedule Details

In the real sense, there is an actual designated season for NASCAR racing, and it spans through 10 months. This NASCAR racing schedule is between February to November. The fascinating thing is that there are only 36 races scheduled for ten months. The 36 races schedule is without the all-star races and bud shootout in between.

What The NASCAR Schedule Was In The Past

During the early stages of NASCAR races, drivers of the NASCAR races were to compete in 62 long races. This took place, especially during the Grand National series, which is now known as the Sprint Cup Series. The tracks during this period ran from November of 1963 to November of 1964. Whatever you have to say about that is right because that was a pretty long season.

Races in the past were held on various tracks, from privately owned tracks to concrete, asphalt, and sandy beach. Drivers in history had to tow their cars while also having to sleep in seedy motels.

The official race started in the year 1949, and at the time, there were only eight-race schedules.  Seven out of those were on dirt surface tracks and the last one on a road course. The Daytona was also on schedule at the time, but it was just not on schedule and it wasn’t on the same 2.5-mile superspeedway. However, over the decades, times have changed and the schedule has now evolved to what it is now.

What It Has Become Today

Presently the NASCAR sprint cup series is done on 22 different tracks for a regular 36 race exhibition. Out of the said 22 race events, two are on road courses, which are Watkins Glen and Infineon Raceway. Six of the races are on superspeedways, which are Fontana, Michigan, Daytona, Indianapolis, Talladega, and Pocono. All of the remaining races are held on different oval shapes, and they range from half a mile to 2 miles in terms of length.

Nascar Monster Race Schedule

NASCAR Schedule Details

NASCAR is an organization, and they make the rules of the race including procedures. What makes it interesting is the flexibility attached to racing with NASCAR. Once you feel like you are up to the task, you are allowed to race. All of these contribute to the scheduling of the NASCAR race.

Overall, NASCAR has to put a lot of things into consideration before it schedules its racing. The things to consider are logistics, weather reports, race tracks, surroundings and many more.

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