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For all you hardcore NASCAR fans out there, you probably know that you can only go to the official NASCARstore for your favorite team. You have no choice but to wait in line and buy whatever gear is available. But why stop at the shop? What about all those NASCAR racing memorabilia items that you have seen everywhere? Why not go online and see what you can find? It might surprise you.

Latest Deals on NASCAR Store Promotions

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Right before you were thinking of checking out the official NASCAR app for iPhone and Android, I got an email from one of our readers that sent me a link to a news article about new drivers for Team Pensacola. The article was about rookies that had won at least one National Drive Horse Racing championship, or had won at least two. In the article, it was mentioned that rookie Chase Briscoe would be their first driver in the Xfinity Series this year. That makes him a favorite to get into the car and race with Matt Kenseth, because he has already proven he can win. I can understand this, as I was excited to see this kid compete against the best of the best. Since then, I’ve been watching his career.

We posted some hints on our Facebook page about this new driver, and it was immediately popular, because so many people love to follow racing. You’ll also love hearing about Chase Elliott, who was listed as one of the fastest rising stars in Nationwide Cup racing. It wasn’t surprising to see him listed as a favorite, seeing how he impressed all with his showing at last year’s playoff race in Phoenix. Now he has a shot at lifting NASCAR’s crown.

Also on our Facebook page, there was a preview of another great show by NASCAR, the Hall of Fame Game. Now it’s the Hall of Fame Series, which has races all the way across the globe. Chase and partners Denny and Carl Edwards were chosen as the favorite drivers for this year’s installment of this great series.

There was also a preview of the new reality series, The Pit crew. Now it’s called the Pit Crew TV Show, and it’s a great series that you can get into. If you have always wondered who is in charge at Dover International Speedway, or why is it that crew chief Bob O’Neil has such a hard time with winning, you might be interested in this awesome miniseries. You can even purchase these DVDs right on eBay, if you want to get a real close up look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Last but not least, we have the official NASCAR store website, which has a preview of the upcoming HD presentation of the Truck Series. The trucks themselves look amazing! I just wish I had the money to purchase one myself. You can even buy your very own HD camera to take home with you! There’s even a preview of the new video game, NFL Superstar: Carolina Panthers.

These are all good things, but there’s one more thing that I want to let you know about. If you love racing and you spend a lot of time watching television for your sports, don’t miss out on the newest thing. It’s called the NASCAR RaceView and it’s located in the back of the video section. It gives you a behind the scenes look at the races from all angles and the experts who race the trucks.

End Note

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With so much going on in the world today, you’ll find it hard to focus on anything else but your favorite racing events. If you’re a diehard fan, you’ll want to make sure that you keep up to date with everything that’s going on, including your favorite racing teams. Check out the links below to get your latest NASCAR Store coupons and save money while watching your favorite races. It’s really easy, but something you can only do from the comfort of your home with a phone number that’s easy to call.

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