Provides the Anti-Slip Function and Better Control Which Makes Scraping Faster and Easier! Check It!

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Car wrapping tools are the best to dine your job effortlessly, efficiently, affordably and qualitatively. This basic tool kit will help you to do your car washing and keep it clean easily. Every little tool will do miracles to change the outlook of your car. Let’s discuss more about this amazing toolkit.

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About Razor Scraper Carbon Fiber Car Wrapping Tool Squeegee

This 13 piece tool kit is the best car wrapping tool kit. And the most important feature of this product is that the price of this product is only $30.00 – $39.00 which is very affordable. It is made from high quality plastic material. It is very easy and convenient to use. This toolkit will last longer and it is durable. You can easily scrape off bubbles underneath the film. You will get following things included in this package: 

  • 2 inches 2-in-1 3 layers PPF rubber squeegee
  • Plastic long red soft stick squeegee with 16.8 x 3 cm size.
  • Fabric Felt blue squeegee with 1 piecc 3 layers waterproof cloth
  • Pink Lil Chizler scraper with 7.5 x 5.5 cm size.
  • Yellow contour squeegee which is 15 x 9 cm.
  • 6 inches white Block Squeegee
  • Grey 90 degree squeegee
  • Gray squeegee and cut aid tool

Pros of Razor Scraper Carbon Fiber Car Wrapping Tool Squeegee

  • It is very cost effective.
  • The quality of the squeegee is very good so that you can apply it on different surfaces.
  • Yellow contour squeegee is used for Maximize window film adhesion on curved glass.
  • Chisel Scraper is a multifunctional tool that is ideal for removing paint, adhesive and debris from most surfaces.
  • Fabric Felt blue squeegee is a wrap professional favourite, it can be used on curved surfaces.
  • PPF rubber squeegee helps the condition of polymer film as a primary objective. 
  • PPF can last about 5 to 7 years. It prevents your car from every toxic thing.
  • Plastic long red soft stick squeegee used for cleaning and painting.
  • Window tint foil magnetic stick squeegee is used to prevent fading and damage to the car’s interior structure.

Cons of Razor Scraper Carbon Fiber Car Wrapping Tool Squeegee

There are no such drawbacks of this product. Easy way to clean your car. But sometimes using it a lot, the paint from the exterior of your vehicles started getting strained. The small stones or rocks in the sponge can scratch the paint. After sometime, the car could lose its overall finishing and vinyl wrap will also be lost and that can damage a lot. 


Overall, this toolkit has several benefits and features. So you must have to give it a try. It is cost effective and each and every tool has amazing features which will help you to clean your car easily. With its anti-slip feature, you will get better control. Which will make scraping faster. You will complete your little car projects more conveniently and effectively.

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