The 2 Types Of Motorsport Racing

Do you know what motorsport means? Or the 2 types of motorsport? Yes, only two. You may think that there are many types, but you may just be confusing it with car racing. Motorsport and car racing may be similar, but they are certainly not the same. Then let’s know more about motorsport and its types. Follow on!

Motorsport is a sport that involves the racing of vehicles for competition or leisure purposes. Vehicles that are used in motorsport can be cars, motorcycles, or trucks.

Nascar Racing

The 2 Types Of Motorsport Racing

Motorsport racing involves the racing of vehicles in competition with each other. There are two main types of Motorsport racing and so they are open-wheel racing and enclosed wheel racing.

Open Wheel Motorsport Racing

This is the type of racing that involves the use of vehicles that have wheels in the open. The wheels are not inside like enclosed wheel racing.

Formula Motorsport Racing

This form of racing contains classes of vehicles that have their wheels on the outside of their bodies. Furthermore, they do not have the bodywork of the remaining parts of the vehicle.

They are known worldwide as Specific Formula Series. Some of them are Formula One, Formula E, Formula Renault, Formula Palmer Audi, and Formula Ford. The IndyCar series is the open-wheeled racing used in North America.

There are recent open-wheeled series that are being made. However, these new series remove the ‘Formula’ moniker like GP3 and GP2 in Europe. The old Formula series are, for instance, Formula Two and Formula 5000.

Formula One

This is a group of open-wheel motorsport racing vehicles that have only one seat. Hence, it is now organized by the Formula One Group. So as to secure the weight, power, and size of vehicles, there are rules and regulations that have set into place for this racing.

IndyCar Series

The IndyCar series had a series that started on June 12, 1909. It was in Portland, Oregon at the first race that took place. Finally, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was built in 1909, after that, races started to be held there. Josef Newgarden is the recent champion of the Indycar Series at the near end of 2019.

Nowadays, IndyCar works a full schedule with more than twenty teams and forty separate drivers. 

Enclosed Wheel Motorsport Racing

Enclosed wheel racing is a series of classes of motor vehicles, whereby the wheels are placed inside the bodywork of the motor vehicle.

Sports Car Racing

This form of racing is a group of classes of vehicles that compete over a closed course track. Some of these vehicles are sports cars and specialized racing types. Moreover, it also has rules that have been set.

Top Car Races

The 2 Types Of Motorsport Racing

Touring Racing

This particular car racing is also a group of vehicles. This group contains streetcars that have been highly upgraded to compete over closed race tracks that have been built for a specific function and street courses.

Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing is a series that is very well known globally. This racing is a set of vehicles, consequently, that are specifically involved in off-road racing.

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