The Beginner's Guide To Nascar Car -

The Beginner’s Guide To Nascar Car

NASCAR is the number one cup racing series. The construction of a NASCAR car is made by Chevrolet, Toyota, or Ford. They are also the providers of the engine, and the tires are provided by Goodyear. NASCAR was formed in the year 1947 and it then put out a set of laws to follow for stock-car racing which included a way of choosing the winner at national championships regarding performance at Cross-country racing. Before NASCAR, racers would buy new cars to go racing.

Between 1950 and 1970, Nascar was called the Grand National Division. In 1971, it then gave the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Industry its naming rights. Furthermore, in 2003, something like that then happened with Nextel. It was renamed again as the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. In 2008, the same thing happened when Sprint took over Nextel and NASCAR Cup series was again changed to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Monster Energy came and it was like that, NASCAR was changed to NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series in 2016. NASCAR only brought back its current name, NASCAR Cup Series after monster energy wanted to prolong its name change.


The Beginner’s Guide To Nascar Car

The History Of Nascar Car

Initially, races were held on rough and uneven roads like dirt tracks, the earlier cars were not very durable to these conditions and needed to be upgraded. Hence, it was NASCAR that was able to uplift stocks cars into what they are today. It gave permission to upgrade and design the cars to make them more durable. NASCAR cars are being upgraded and modified as time goes by so as to be the best. NASCAR has a rule book and car-owners with their cars are made to follow all the rules at each race that takes place. There is a clear contrast between streetcars and NASCAR cars. Since NASCAR cars are so much more advanced and usually better than streetcars.

Short-Track Cars

Short-track cars are a type of Nascar car that has a lot of downward force and having a downward force is the essence of the short-track car. The increased downward force makes them go faster.

The Beginner’s Guide To Nascar Car

Super-Speedway Cars

Tracks on Super-speedway are bigger and farther, it helps cars to manage a high speed throughout the race. These types of cars have extremely reduced drag.
NASCAR cars engine is very valuable and unique because even though it shares some similarities to streetcars engine, it is still different and produces large amounts of power non-stop.

There are two segments of the season’s championships which are determined by a points system. Races are twenty-six in the beginning and when the winners are sorted out from the losers, the winners then perform in the last ten races whereby there will be a reduction of difference in points. It is known as the Nascar playoffs. Cup Series cars like NASCAR are special in car racing. The engines are full of power and energy but then it has poor handling because of aerodynamic packages like increased downward force and their mass.

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