The Definitive Guide To Auto Club Speedway

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Do you know anything about speedways? What about Auto Club Speedways? What about car racing? You must know something about car racing, that is probably part of why you are here, isn’t it?  Learn more on the Auto Club Speedway as continue reading this article.

Speedway is a track specially designed for car racing and is used for this purpose. The Auto Club Speedway features NASCAR racing every year since the year 1997. The race track of the speedway belongs to international Speedway Corporation. The corporation is based around the earlier address of Riverside International Raceway and Ontario Motor Speedway. This speedway is also used for open-wheel racing activities.

Auto Club Speedway

The Definitive Guide To Auto Club Speedway

History Of The Auto Club Speedway

The building of the track of the Auto Club Speedway was started in 1995 and ended in 1996 and it was built in the area of the initial Kaiser Steel Mill. Moreover, it only hosts one NASCAR weekend a year since the year of 2011. It was initially called the California Speedway. It was until 2008 when the Southern California Automobile Club bought the naming rights in an agreement. The automobile Club was also known as Auto Club.

The Expansion

The speedway began to expand to reserved grandstand seating along the front with increased seats. This was after the start of the track was done favorably. In the month of May 1999, an increase of almost thirty skyboxes was placed. The inside area of the speedway was reconstructed to be a multiple purpose roadway.  This and the Auto club Dragway construction were all done in 2001.

The Change Of Auto Club Speedway

The San Bernardino County Planning Commission allowed the changing of the speedway’s conditional use permit. This was to let the addition of lights around the track to be done in 2003. Another annual NASCAR Cup Series race at the track was made public by NASCAR. It was announced in the ending of that same year for the next years racing season. This was since the second race was going to be done under the lights.

The Definitive Guide To Auto Club Speedway

NASCAR used to hold two races each year until 2011. However, that was when the track racing became only one weekend annually. The Midway of the speedway was based at the rear of the main grandstand. It was then overtaken in 2006. Moreover, there is a new midway and it has been named Discover IE FanZonecontains restaurants. Stores, shades with lounges, and an entertainment area have become additions. Exotics Racing is a company that is located in Las Vegas. It extended to California when they made a new road course of 1.2 miles at the Auto Club Speedway. This was in the month of March 2014.

Auto Club Speedway Track Records

After Juan Pablo Montoya had barely missed Gugelmin’s practice record. Gil de Ferran then earned a new one-lap record of 241.428 mph. This is the swiftest qualifying lap speed. It is the first to have been recorded at an official race gathering in the August of 2018. The fastest circuit race was the 2003 Toyota Indy 400, and it was the best in motorsport history. It was with an average speed of 207.151 mph over 400 miles.

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