The NASCAR race today and the history

A Nascar race is a professional sport and racing event that happens at many different locations, mostly throughout the United States. The race consists of three to 43 drivers attempting to win by finishing first or having the best average finish during a set number of laps, usually 400. The winner receives a trophy and has their name recorded into NASCAR history as well as receiving bragging rights and monetary money (1).

The Nascar race today and start

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NASCAR started on December 14th, 1947 with its first official driver being brothers Tim Flock and Bob Flock at the North Wilkesboro Speedway. Barney Oldfield was involved in the first several races but he retired from his involvement after 1949. The president is Brian France who took over the role after his grandfather and father stepped down in 2003 (1).

Nascar races today becoming more popular

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NASCAR is gradually gaining popularity. It used to be that people didn’t follow or watch NASCAR because they thought it was just “rednecks” driving around in circles for hours, but now, there are scientific studies proving that watching these races actually makes you smarter. A recent study by Dr. Marlene Wilson of East Carolina University said that watching NASCAR can increase your cognitive function through the transportation theory. The transportation theory says that when you enjoy something (like TV shows, movies, etc.), it takes you away from whatever is bothering you at the time and involves you in another world (in this case, the world of NASCAR). By doing this, it makes you smarter in dealing with your own reality because it’s a distraction.

The Nascar race in 2017 and the Nascar race today

The Daytona 500 in February will be held at a track in Daytona Beach, Florida starting on Sunday, Feb. 26, and ending on Monday, Feb. 27. Another important race to mention is that on April 30th-May 1st there will be a 400-mile race at the Dover International Speedway called the “AAA Drive for Autism” 400. These races are just some of many that NASCAR offers throughout the year so stay tuned.

Go to the Nascar race today and enjoy

If you want to go to a NASCAR race, you have to buy tickets. The Daytona 500’s website sells general admission tickets for $60. If you are looking for more expensive options, the best seats in the house range from about $150-$225 (7). You can also lookup other tracks that are hosting races because they are all different prices depending on who is racing that day and how many seating sections are available.

Become a Nascar racer

According to the NASCAR website, there is no age limit or age requirement on becoming a driver in the Nascar race today. All you need to do is first start as an amateur and work your way up through regional and national racing leagues until you’re good enough to drive at the top level (9). Once you’re at the top level, you need to acquire sponsorship and perform well consistently in order to compete (10). There are three types of this: “road racing”, “short track races” and “speedways”. You can start off with short tracks and work your way up to becoming a NASCAR driver by competing in more difficult challenges.

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