The Ugly Truth About Sonic Transform

Truth About Sonic Transform

Sonic Transform is an upcoming mobile game that was recently released in the Google Play Store. It promises to make your mobile gaming experience as fun and exciting as the real thing, and will give you a new experience of playing with mobile devices. Thus let us discuss Truth About Sonic Transform.

In Sonic Transform you play as a robot who transforms into a jet and flies through different stages. You are tasked with stopping the evil Dr Eggman from stealing the power source of the world. This is done by collecting rings.

Ugly Truth About Sonic Transform
Ugly Truth About Sonic Transform

Features That Helps You Level Up

As the game progresses you get to unlock different features that will help you level up. To do this you have to collect energy rings. These rings can be found by flying and will be in different locations around the different levels of the game.

There are also different power ups you can find around the game and these include the ability to shoot a bomb and make the character fly up and down. The different stages you play will also give you different enemies and you will also need to defeat them in order to progress.

The main goal of Sonic Transformation is to collect as many rings as you can in order to complete each level. There are many stages in the game that require you to find and collect energy rings, so it is recommended that you try to explore the different stages first so that you can learn how to get the most out of each stage.

The game offers a variety of challenges that will keep you on your toes and the graphics are superb. The graphics are done well and are very realistic. The music is also good and does not distract from the game play.

Another feature of the game is that there are mini games that are available for you to play. They include racing, shooting and other similar mini games. These are fun ways to kill time while you play.

Ugly Truth About Sonic Transform
Ugly Truth About Sonic Transform

Know More Truth About Sonic Transform

Sonic Transform is one of the many mobile games that are on the market right now and is sure to provide you with hours of fun. If you are looking for a new experience of playing games on your mobile device then you should definitely check this out.

The main draw for people who download this mobile game is the fact that it is an addictive game that has great graphics. The controls are simple and everything is easy to use so even if you are. A beginner at playing games in this genre, you will be able to jump into the game without any trouble.

There are three different environments you will play in. These are the snowy mountain top, the jungle and the underwater area.

Each environment has its own unique style to it. And each of them has many stages that you must complete before you move on to the next. The levels become progressively harder and you will have to work harder to achieve higher scores.

There are also many other features to this mobile game as well. There are many levels that will send you back to the beginning. To begin again if you get stuck or if you want to try another stage.

These mobile games can be enjoyed by anyone. And they are a great way to kill time on a mobile device. If you need something that is both exciting and interactive then these games are definitely worth checking out.

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