Things About Dale Earnhardt You May Not Have Known

Dale Earnhardt, AKA the Intimidator, isn’t new to fans of NASCAR Racing. He was one of the most successful Race car drivers ever to hit the track and had so many fans all over the world. Imagine finding out there were some things about your idol you didn’t know? Well, continue reading to discover new things about your favourite race car driver!

  1. Dale Earnhardt Dropped Out Of High School

Earnhardt was a high school drop out, he stopped attending school when he was in his ninth grade at sixteen years old. His father, Ralph, was not too happy with this decision, and this made their relationship strained. Earnhardt afterwards, said that he felt remorse due to his decision. Where could one have gone to learn how to race during those times, though? High school dropouts were standard in the racing circle back then.

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Things About Dale Earnhardt You May Not Have Known

  1. His Dad Was A Race Car Driver

Ralph Earnhardt, Dale’s father, was also a race car driver. He was a legend and so, Dale idolized him. Ralph won the 1955, 1956 and 1957 championships but it was in 1956 that he had won first place. Ralph died at the age of 45 of a heart attack in 1973. It affected Dale.

  1. It Took A While Before He Became Successful

Dale had already been racing for some years before he finally got popular. The road to his success was bumpy seeing how he went through multiple divorces, near homelessness and poverty. He turned to drive dirt cars to pay the bills before his luck started to turn around at the age of 27. His determination was one of the many things that endeared him to his fans, how he went from grass to grace.

  1. Dale Earnhardt And His First Nickname

Most of his fans don’t know that before he went by the name The Intimidator, he was called the Dominator. The Dominator was fitting because he dominated the tracks back in the 1980s. The name didn’t really click with fans so Hank Jones, his merchandise dealer at the time, came up with ” The Intimidator ” in 1988. Dale didn’t take too well to the new name, but hank convinced him. The nickname wasn’t too far fetched seeing how Dale always managed to intimidate the other drivers on the track with his daring racing style. The fans loved the new name, and even the other drivers took to it.

  1. His First Ever Racing Car Was Pink

His first race was In 1970 at the old Metrolina dirt track course. The car was a 1956 Ford Victoria Sedan that belonged to his neighbour. The mistake was from his cousin, Wayne when he used pink paint instead of green, it wasn’t intentional, obviously. They didn’t have money to spare , and they couldn’t afford to repaint it, so the car stayed in that colour. Dale finished tenth and, this could come as a bit of a shock and he didn’t wreck the car. This occasion could be the reason he dislikes Fords.

Things About Dale Earnhardt You May Not Have Known

  1. Hall of Fame

On May 23 2010, Dale Earnhardt was inducted into the Nascar Hall of fame. Moreover, after a 26-year career that honoured him seven NASCAR sprint cup titles and 76 NASCAR victory wins he was selected as one of the five inaugural inductees for the NASCAR hall of fame. What better way to award The Intimidator than to put him in the NASCAR hall of fame? It must be a beautiful thing to witness your favourite race car driver getting awarded for his incredible talent and grit shown on the race track.

Dale Earnhardt was one of the best things to ever happen to NASCAR racing, and he shall forever be remembered.

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