Top 5 Facts About NASCAR’s Top Series Champion, Jimmie Johnson

Jimmy Johnson facts

Do you want to know more about Jimmie Johnson? He is your idol, someone you admire or a driver that impresses you. Do you know everything about him? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, so continue reading to find out if you know everything about this exceptional race car driver or not.

Jimmie Johnson has proven his worth in NASCAR’s top series. Somehow, he just seems to be dominant. It’s like him and his team knows the logic behind motorsport racing. Regarding his performance, he has solidified himself and hardly takes a defeat. Whenever his team is in place, there’s no knocking them out.

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Top 5 Facts About NASCAR’s Top Series Champion, Jimmie Johnson

That being said, Jimmie Johnson has some personalities that help him achieve his goal, and attain the heights where he is now. Moreover, he brought upon himself unimaginable accomplishments. No doubt, he thrills impressively and he’s becoming one of the top drivers in history.

Top 5 Facts To Know About Jimmie Johnson

Considerably, a closer look at his career shows how splendid he has impacted NASCAR’s top series. Truly, he is someone with unimaginable achievements.

He Consecutively Won 5 Championships

The obvious answer to questions about his accomplishments. However, it is also the most impressive action taken by him.

Jimmie Johnson And His Match Wins

Jimmie Johnson won the championship title for the Sprint Cup series for five straight years – 2006 to 2010. His five-year consecutive winning is something that has never occurred, and it may never occur anytime soon. He and his teammate have mastered whatever it takes to determine a champion.

22 Chase Win Records

Whenever the chase playoffs began, Johnson set for a couple of wins, while others may drag with the rest. Since chase began, it has covered around 90 playoffs. It is no news that Jimmie Johnson has 22 of them.

His competitor was just half his path, as he covered half of Jimmie Johnson’s total wins. Only four other players have a minimum of 5 chase wins.

The Achievements Of Jimmie Johnson

During this span, he posted 15 second-place finishes, getting him a top-two finish in 37 out of 90 chase races. Wholesomely, he won 34 races at the 10 tracks that comprise the chase. Being good to this extent, it is almost impossible to take a defeat.

Availability For The Chase

Since the introduction of NASCAR’s playoffs before the 2004 season, Johnson has been a participant, and has never missed a season, and always contends yearly.

Hence, he is the only driver to have never missed the chase once. Aside from participating, he does his contending process with ease. Occasionally, he has been outside the top 10 in points after the fifth race of the season.

20 Top-10 Finishes Yearly

He did a full 36-race schedule 11 times in his career, posted 20 top-10 finishes in each of them. In the rookie season, he posted 21 top-10 finishes, which is splendid for a rookie. This is a claim that no other driver has.

Little Changes On His Team

Top 5 Facts About NASCAR’s Top Series Champion, Jimmie Johnson

One overlooked fact about Jimmie Johnson is that he made very little changes in his Sprint Cup career. Throughout his career, he drove different cars for the same owner, Rick Hendrick, excluding the three races he ran prior to the rookie season.

In a sport of sponsor turnovers, he made just little changes for a long period. Noticeably, his act is something rare and might be the key driver to his performances.

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