Top Car Racing Tracks In The World

Racing tracks are important because we need them so as to have order in the race. In this article, we are going to be listing the top racing tracks in no definite order. Furthermore, these tracks are a personal favourite with fans and race car drivers. Follow on and read this article to the very end of it to find out all these.

1. Spa-Francorchamps Tracks

It is located in Stavelot, Germany which is the Home of the Belgian Grand Prix. This track is set in the Ardennes countryside and so, it has a vibrant history in F1 and motorsport. Therefore, fans and drivers love this track. The track has a record of 19 corners and has a length of 7.004km. Aditionally, it is one of the most challenging race tracks in the world because of its hilly and twisty nature.

Top Car Racing Tracks In The World

2. Circuit de la Sarthe

It could be argued that Le Mans is the most famous motorsport event in the world. The first ever race happened in 1923 and it has been a staple in the motorsport calendar since 1945. Although, its origin is closely related to that of the Grand prix of France. The world marvels on the wonder of this 8 mile track every June. Moreover, it is unmatched in the world of racing.

3. Suzuka Tracks

This track is located in Suzuka, Mie prefecture, Japan. It is a very popular place for racing and motorsports. Moreover, it is the first full international racing circuit in Japan. It has the popular 130R, S curves and the Degner Curve. Incredible motorsport moments have happened on the track like Aryton Senna and Alain Prost’s collision. Hence, it has been hosting the grand prix of japan since 1987.

4. Mount Panorama

This is a track located in Bathurst, South Wales, Australia. It is located on a hill called Mount Panorama. The Bathurst 1000 motor race held each october holds there. However, the Bathurst 12 hour event that holds each february holds here. It is set in a beautiful location and that’s why it is a preferred location. Furthermore, it has deep inclines and short corners and is very challenging for drivers.

5. Silverstone Tracks

This is called the ” home of British Motorsport “. Hence, it is UKs most famous track. It has some of the best turns in F1- copse and the maggotts complex. Even though the current layout is different from the original layout it still remains one of the old school circuits in the game. So the track is a busy and popular one. Championships like FIA,WEC and BTCC hold there.

6. Monza Tracks

The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is a prestigious race track near the city of Monza, north of Milan, in Italy. The track was built in 1922. Additionally, it is the third purpose built motor racing circuit. It is a legendary high speed track and it is the home of the Italian Grand Prix. Moreover, it is made up of tight chickens and long straights. Its layout is unique and always had packed grandstands. The Italian grand prix event is always a memorable one.

7. Circuit de Monac

Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit established on the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine around the principality of Monaco. However, it is referred to as “Monte Carlo” because it is mostly inside the Monte Carlo neighbourhood of Monaco. It has not changed since it debuted in 1951. Quick corners, tight hairpins and barriers make this track a very challenging one for drivers.

8. Laguna Seca

This track is located in central California. It is used for motorcycle racing and auto rracing. Laguna Seca was built in 1957 near Salinas and Monterey, California, United States. It is 2.238 mile long. Therefore, it has one of the most difficult turns in motorsport. It has an uphill approach and a dramatic drop down hill. This spectacular race track hosts motor bike and sportscar racing. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular tracks in the world due to its amazing race track.

Finally, these 8 race tracks are renowned and very popular. Which of these tracks is your best?

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