Top Tips And Facts To Know About The ISM Raceway

If you are passionate about motorsport racing, then you probably would feel the thrills and actions. You will probably be amused by the fast life and get amazed at stunts and sudden moves. By all means, all of these matters a lot to a racing lover. Thinking of one good place for this, we definitely would talk about the ISM Raceway. Continue reading this article to find out all about it.

Formerly known as Phoenix International Raceway, ISM Raceway is always introduced when talking about the raceways for motorsport. It is among the top raceways that host motorsport racing.

Ism Raceways

Top Tips And Facts To Know About The ISM Raceway

Top Tips And Facts About The Ism Raceway

Now, this takes us to some of the interesting facts you may want to hear about this already prepared location for racers. Putting a million laughs on you, here are areas you to consider for a start point.

  • Long Existence

ISM Raceway has been of great use for motorsport since 1964.

  • Physical Capabilities

With a 1-mile length and an asphalt surface, drivers are set to excite the audience. Also in consideration is its large occupancy, which is enough for 35,000 people. In other words, it is a 35,000 capacity raceway with the shape of an oval. Not to forget, racers in the process of racing undergo a 4 turning process regarding the shape mentioned above.

Having looked at the major facts, here are some other tips to take note about the ISM Raceway;

Until 2018, everybody referred to this location as Phoenix International Raceway.
Yearly, precisely every November, the CAN-Am 500 NASCAR Cup Series semi-final takes place in the mentioned place.
Authorities designed the racetrack to be the “Indianapolis of the West.”
In the same place, a motorsport racer, Arie Luyendk set a world record with a speed on a one-mile oval at 183.599 mph.

Exciting Happenings In The ISM Raceway

In this very location, people love to watch whichever race is going on. With the flashy thrills and sports vehicles moving around, you can tell the racers are ready for a moment of living the fast life. While the activities are going on, users like to know every happening.  Among a few, some of the things they will love to know are race information, weather updates, drivers stats, and more.

Statistical Analysis Of The Raceway

Here are some of the statistical information to know about this very place popularly known for sports racing;

– Fan entrances consist of two -canyons.
– It has 4 escalators to aid a faster motion.
– It comprises 5 escalators.
– On any given day, the authorities always ensure 400 workers on-site.
– Considering the visuals, it provides the audience with 400-plus HD video screens.
– It has 466 by 210 feet space.
– It turns 3 and 4, making it one-time, one-half of a football stadium.

Top Tips And Facts To Know About The ISM Raceway

– It consists of 2,744 feet and 6 inches.


Right from its existence, the raceway has always undergone innovations. Almost every year racers make history. Additionally, space is available for a series of events.

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