Watch NASCAR TV Schedule This Week – What You Need to Know

nascar tv schedule this week

Who hasn’t heard of NASCAR? It is a well-known racing organization that has been around since NASCAR started in racing back in 1969. Since then, it has won several prestigious auto racing titles, including the ultimate NASCAR title. The following NASCAR TV Schedule this week will help you get to grips with what is and isn’t on TV this week.

One of the most anticipated and talked about races this week is the Coke Auto Parts Cup Series Eliminator Race at Chicagoland. This is the race where the cars that finish first place in the four-race series qualify for the championship. It also sets the stage for the Nationwide Series race at Martinsville. Both of these events have huge national implications and have large followings by race fans. In addition to being on television, these races also air on ESPN.

NASCAR TV Schedule This Week

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One of the most interesting races of the week on television is the Furniture Row Racing finale. It features the final four drivers in the championship, as well as the top two in the poles. This has been a great series for NASCAR, as well as the entire auto racing industry. This race also covers a lot of time due to the fact it takes a lot of traveling back and forth between races.

Another interesting race of the evening on the NASCAR TV Schedule this week is the Coca-Cola Texas Motor Speedway Qualifying Race. This one features drivers who have only had sporadic experience in Cup racing before. This includes drivers like Brian McGlatchie, who is currently in his first full season as a NASCAR driver. He is in the tough position of having to prove to NASCAR that he is a good enough driver to qualify for the championship.

Also on the schedule is the defending champion, Carl Edwards. He is in for another chance at winning after making just the last run in the Nationwide Series. Heading into the race, there are a lot of question marks about whether or not Edwards can win, given that he has never won a race in the top three. Edwards has always been known for being extremely quick but has never proven to be a consistent enough driver to take home the trophy.

Interesting Facts


One interesting thing to note about this race is that it is on the final day of the regular television schedule. That means it will not be shown on any of the leading national broadcasts. That is due to how NASCAR deals with television rights, as they don’t have exclusive rights to certain events. They simply have deals with local stations. So, you won’t see it on ESPN or any of the big networks.

This is actually a pretty big deal for Edwards, considering how long it will take him to get out on the track. He needs to build up some momentum before he can really push forward. He also needs to make sure that he can get past Carl Edwards, as well as possible, in front of Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson. It will be interesting to see how things play out here. Edwards might just be too much of a threat for Johnson to handle, especially since he has been so good in the last two races.

Bottom Line

Anyway, what you should be paying attention to here is how interesting the race will be from an entertainment standpoint. This is an opportunity for fans to get to see some highlights of previous races, as well as get to know a little more about their favorite driver. It will be interesting to follow this race, as it is the only one of the fall seasons that we will have in the near future. This gives NASCAR an excellent opportunity to highlight some of their best drivers, as well as give viewers a peek of what is in store for them come the end of the year.

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