What is the Nascar Drag Racing Schedules

nascar drag racing schedule

NASCAR Drag Racing is a competition that can be watched on television. It is one of those unconventional motor racing events. It was first held in Detroit inedly in 1974 and since then it has been held in several locations. One of the major events of this kind is the Southern Point Dragway. This is a track that can be found in New Mexico.

The location was originally set up to test the handling of a dragster car and its working condition. The idea was to set a track that was completely enclosed. A lot of testing had been done before the original race took place and the time required to complete it was much longer than it actually turned out to be. As a result, the Southern Point track finally changed hands and the race was moved to its present location.

NASCAR Drag Racing is just one of the many ways that the famous Southern California racers get their thrills. In the past, they have tried to do other types of racing including auto racing, drag-o-vans, oval track racing, etc. All these different types of races are known to bring a lot of fun and excitement to fans all over the world. Each of these different types of races brings about a unique thrill for fans. Drag-O-Podiums would allow fans to take a look at what is needed to handle a dragster. They would need to use their best judgment as they would not know when the car is going to slow down or when they should prepare to pit for the race.


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Drag Racing Schedule There are several important factors that go into creating NASCAR Drag Racing Schedules. The most obvious one is that there will be a set of guidelines that will be followed. This includes the time during which the race can take place and how the cars will be classified. The track and its condition are also factors that must be taken into consideration. For instance, a track that has a dirt track surface and high banking can present a lot of challenges to the driver while one on the other hand may only have dirt tracks.

The schedules would include when the events take place and in which specific locations. For instance, a Homestead-Miami Speedway event would be noted in the schedule while it would not be included in some tracks. Another main factor is the way how the events would be formatted. This would depend upon the financial capabilities of each team and the benefits that they would get from such advantages.

A Much Ado

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In addition, there will be a list of categories that have been decided upon. These are divided based upon the gravity of the events. For instance, there are three classifications for short-track speed competitions. There are also four types of high-speed oval track competitions. There are also different types of road courses, sand tracks, and more.

Different types of racing would need to have their own separate schedules. This is done so that the chances of accidents are minimized as much as possible. A schedule would include how many laps each racer would have to complete as well as the times of the different stages.

Bottom Line

The schedule of a certain Nascar Drag Racing event would include the times when all the cars would be on the track at the same time. It would also include the track layout. All these details would be specified down to every last detail. Each driver would get to know about his allotted time while he would be given instructions regarding the vehicle he is to use. It is for these reasons that it is very crucial that a schedule should be made before any race.

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