What Makes Nascar Sprint Cup So Exciting

NASCAR Sprint Cup is all about stock car racing, their games, their race car drivers and their cars. If you are interested in NASCAR Sprint and car racing then you have to be attracted to all these, but you may also ponder on what really makes it exciting and worth your time. Don’t you want to know about this and how you can enjoy it even more? This article discusses it thoroughly and much more than that so that after you read this article, you will find yourself being excited and impressed with the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

A career in racing is as amazing and lucrative as they come, though it involves a lot of expense on the part of the driver. A driver has to go great lengths to keep the vehicle in good condition suitable for racing. They also have to cultivate the necessary skills and reflexes to excel in the daunting task. A successful race car driver would bask in the euphoria and glory of his victories and championship.

What Makes Nascar Sprint Cup So Exciting

Nascar provides various categories of racing, which allows for different kinds of race cars. The Nascar Cup Series, The Nascar Xfinity series, and The Gander RV and Outdoor Truck series are the three major series available under Nascar. The Nascar cup series ranks as the highest among the series. It saw its inception in 1949 and has gone by a number of names which are usually determined by its major sponsor.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship

The sprint cup has it’s origins as a consequence of the union of Nexel and Sprint. This unification heralded a new system for the determination of the champion for the series. This system was known as Chase for the Nexel cup and was subsequently changed to the Sprint branding.

In the Chase system, the first 10 high scoring drivers, which was increased to 12 in 2007, had the opportunity to compete for the championship, by participating in a playoff consisting of a total of 26 races.

Drivers upon qualifying for the last 10 races of the season, would have their points set manually. The point of each Chaser is set at 5000 with an addition of 10 points for every victory from the previous 26 races. The champion is the driver with the highest number of points at the close of the 36th race.

The drivers who qualified for the chase came to be known officially the Nascar Sprint Cup Chase Grid. The Chase would consist of four rounds, the grid drivers with the lowest points from each of the first three rounds faces elimination, while winners advance to the next stage.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Consolation Prize

An award is given to drivers who finish outside the Chase, specifically, the driver who finishes 13th. This award was given for the purpose of encouraging other drivers who were unable to participate. The award consisted of a bonus amount of a million dollars. It is received by the deserving driver at the end of the year banquet.

What Makes Nascar Sprint Cup So Exciting

The Allure Of The Chase

The sprint cup championship could only be won by drivers who qualified in the Chase. This served as propellant and motivation for drivers to work extra hard for a chance at the title. Drivers who have a close shave at participating usually felt the pain of a great loss.

These ten last races caused a great deal of media attention. It is no surprise that sponsors craved this attention. Hence, they would foot any and all payments for any team that meets the cut. On the one hand, this generates a lot of excitement in the sport. This is because the drivers passionately compete for these spots. Therefore, it puts a lot of pressure on them.

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