What to Do at the Atlanta Motor Speedway

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It is located in Atlanta, Georgia, the track features an artificial surface that is similar to that of an artificial NASCAR racetrack. Motor racing was actually first held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway over a century ago. Today, the speedways in Atlanta house some of the most technologically advanced racing facilities in the world. In addition to hosting a variety of motorsports events, the speedways also act as the base for countless television productions such as NBC’s Cup Racing’ and NASCAR: On The Circuit’.

Motor speedway enthusiasts around the world have been visiting Atlanta since the early 20th century. In addition to providing a place to race, the speedways in Atlanta also house a television studio. From this, a variety of motorsport related events can be recorded and shown on television. The most popular of these being the annual Formula One event. Each year, from May to September, the world’s best motor sport drivers and their car teams gather in the United States for the annual Formula One race at the track.

Known As The Monaco GP

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This race, previously known as the Monaco GP, has long since been a tradition in Europe. However, the organizers preferred to keep it a secret until the Monaco Grand Prix was hosted in Mexico in 1993. The following year, the race was moved to the United States. Since its inception, thousands of visitors from around the world have come to witness the unique atmosphere at the track. It has also become a tourist Mecca for American racing enthusiasts.

The Silver Cup Race, presented by Campingworld, serves as the foundation for another major motorsport event – the preseason Daytona Speed Week. Like the Formula One championship race, speed week takes place on the same weekend each year. With nearly half a million visitors believed to have turned up for this prestigious event, every effort is made to make sure that the occasion is one of the best in the world. Thousands of race teams put on one of the best shows in the world, attracting the attention not just of casual motor fans but also of motorsport professionals. The competition in this race is so intense that it is regarded as the most prestigious on the planet.

Divided Into Two Different Sections

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The race is divided into two different sections, with the afternoon session focusing on the street events and the evening session taking in the road races. Both feature a variety of different categories including the classifieds. However, there are more than a thousand drivers competing for the top prize in this race. Of these, a large number are from the region, with the bulk hailing from southern California.

There is plenty of action at the speed event area, including the “Lolita” sprint race. The viewing audience can also get to watch demonstrations of other types of racing, such as the tri-state exhibition category. A highlight of the day is the grand drawing night, which is arranged well in advance of the event. At this gathering, only the best drivers will be chosen for the event and the public will get an opportunity to choose their racer of choice. After this, all racing will halt.


The evening event is known as the “Chase” part of the event and features a number of different sprints and events. The first four cars in the competition have the “Chase” logo painted on their sides – these cars from the starting line for the race. From here, they travel around the track, racing against other cars that have also painted similar logos.

After the cars pass each other, the drivers switch places and the race is won by the first team to complete the circuit – and the drivers receive bonus points based on their finishing time. Each of the cars has two engines, so for the “Chase” race, only two cars are allowed to compete.

Final Words

If you are looking to visit the Atlanta Motor Speedway, then there are a number of things you can do. The speedway features an exhibit hall where visitors can meet some of the drivers, pit crews and crew members, and also take part in some exciting racing. In addition to this, the speedway has an interactive video screen that shows highlight reels from past races, as well as photos of the current circuit. Additionally, there are also several educational resources available, including a running track guide and a timetable of events.

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